The family. we were a strange little band of characters trudging through life sharing diseases and toothpaste, coveting one another’s desserts, hiding shampoo, borrowing money, locking each other out of our rooms, inflicting pain and kissing to heal it in the same instant, loving, laughing, defending, and trying to figure out the common thread that bound us all together.

– Erma Bombeck

February is the month of love, and as such, love is a popular blogging topic this time of year. But for many of us (myself included), romantic love just isn’t a focus in our lives at the moment, for whatever reasons, and for whatever season. So I thought my little blog could focus on love of other kinds this month. This week, it’s all about family.

Family Love

Most scrapbookers and journalers, and even planner girls I know got started with their hobby because of a love for their families. Think about it. We make scrapbook pages, filling volumes of albums, about the people (and pets!) who are most important to us – our families. Whether it’s your extended family, your nuclear family, or your alternative family, I’d bet if I flipped through your pages, I’d find tons of photos and information about them. Why? I believe it’s because even if they drive us crazy, even if they themselves are crazy, even if they are the most dysfunctional people we know, we cannot help but to deeply love our families.

They are the ones who celebrate with us in good times and weep with us in bad times. We can go days, weeks, months, and even years  without having contact, but our hearts still long for the love of the ones we grew up with, sharing experiences no one else would understand. It’s a bond that can be strained, but is never fully broken.

Creating a Family Tree

Recently, I had the pleasure of creating a layout for my ScrapHappy friend Alice Boll to be used in her Layout A Day challenge. The prompt was to create a page based on your family tree. Honestly, doing something like this has always been on my scrappy bucket list, and I suppose because of that, I almost immediately got a vision for what I’d want that page to be.

I started out at I knew I could create a visual representation of my family tree, so I set up a free trial account and started punching in information. By the way, the commercials are true! It really is a thrill to see a leaf pop up for a family member, and you can spend hours tracking down new and interesting tidbits about your ancestors. For my purposes, I set up a simple tree starting with my parents, continuing with me and my siblings (I’m the youngest of 6!), and our children. I did not include spouses, and I stopped with the third generation – anything more simply wouldn’t fit on a 12 x 12 spread, which was the format I was working with.


NOTE: You can plug in photos of your family members as you add them to your tree. I was working within a deadline, so I didn’t use that option, but it would look really cool on a scrapbook or journal page if you did!

Scrapbooking Your Family Tree

I decided that I would try to use the printed family tree and paint an actual tree around it. I printed the chart from using a laser printer. I had to work with the settings a little to shrink the printout enough so that it was no wider than 12″. Once I had that, I pasted the chart to a piece of white 12″ x 12″ cardstock, then coated the whole thing with clear gesso.

I watched this SUPER inspiring and helpful video to learn how to use my Walmart Crayola brand watercolors to create something that would look like a tree.

Then practiced in a watercolor journal. I highly recommend practicing before you commit to your actual layout, especially if you are not familiar with the medium and/or the subject matter that you will attempt to create.

Next, I transferred my newly learned skills to the actual page. If you try this, don’t be alarmed by the wrinkling and warping. This is simply what happens when water meets paper. Once everything is dry, you can place your layout underneath a towel or pillowcase and go over it with a hot iron to press it out.

The next step is to just put it all together with photo(s), embellishments, title, and journaling. Get as wildly creative or go as simple as you like. I think I landed somewhere in the middle, with a two-part title using woodgrain and pink glitter Thickers and mini alphabet stickers.

Just a simple strip of patterned paper behind the matted photo, part of a border sticker, and a round sticker make up the embellishments.

Confession: All the little things I needed to stick down wouldn’t stick down so well. This was because the clear gesso gives the paper a “tooth,” or grainy texture. Just use a good liquid glue, such as Beacon 3-in-1, to remedy that problem.

Have you done a family tree layout? I’d love to see! Link me up in the comments or come on over to the MKP Facebook group and show us what you’ve got!

CC2015 Blog Hop Banner

Welcome to the Creative Christmas Blog Hop! We hope you’ll enjoy a day of festive fun and inspiration as the Scrapbook Bundles designers showcase the products available in the Creative Christmas 2015 Bundle. Click through all the blogs before 11:59 EST and be sure to leave a comment on each and every one, because at the end of the hop ONE lucky “hopper” will win a complete bundle before you can even buy it! So grab a drink, flex your mouse-clickers, and relax. We’re going to bring you your most creative Christmas yet!

For my project, I took inspiration from three of the products in the Creative Christmas Bundle: Beth’s Christmas Scor class, Connie’s North Pole Breakfast printables, and Alison’s Your Christmas Story layout sketches.

I started by printing out some of the elements from Connie’s North Pole Breakfast pack and choosing a sketch.  I love that the printables are so versatile and can be used to create party decorations and then to scrapbook the photos later!

Next, I cut out and punched some of the circular shapes to use with the embellishments I would make using Beth’s class.

Then got busy scoring, first for a rosette,

and next for a three-dimensional star.

Chose my photos and assembled the layout quickly using Alison’s sketch. So easy! Oh, and the little Christmas tree is from Beth’s class too!

I love the finished layout! It documents my yearly tradition of locking myself up in the bedroom with a pile of goodies and wrapping presents till my fingers get numb.

I hope this project has inspired you. Before I send you along your way on the hop, I’ve got a gift for you! I’ve put together a pack of two free planner pages for you to download to use right away. The first can be used to track all the holiday television shows and movies that you just can’t miss. This page is also available in my Christmas planner product in the Creative Christmas Bundle. The second page is not. It’s a thank-you note tracker, and it’s a blog exclusive. It’s also completely compatible with the Christmas planner. Both pages are yours free when you sign up for my email list. Just click here and you’re on your merry way to your free download.

Be sure to come back here to continue the hop. And don’t forget to leave a comment for your chance to win a complete Creative Christmas Bundle before you can even buy it!

Next up:


August already? Whew, where did summer go? This week I’ll be heading back to school to begin putting my new classroom together. I’m moving from third grade to fifth grade science and social studies, so I’ll have a bit of rethinking to do as far as decorations and organization. How about you? Are you looking forward to school starting again? Do you function better with or without a routine? I’d love to hear, so please comment below.

And now, let’s get down to the real reason for this post – brand new Monday Mojo prompts! I’ve visited my Pinterest boards and picked out a lovely color scheme and some fun sketch and embellishing ideas.

Color Scheme

Color Scheme

Ready for fall, this color scheme comes to us from the Color Palettes website. The yellow, red, and green remind me of the colors of the leaves as they begin to change (which happens earlier here in Louisiana than in other parts of the country). The neutrals serve as a nice counterpoint to the other saturated colors.



Our sketch is from the Boys Rule Scrapbook Kits blog, borrowed from Scrappin Around the Clock for one of their back to school challenges. I think it’s a perfect page layout for a back to school portrait.



This fun embellishment idea from the Shari Design blog could be interpreted in so many ways. The ticket shapes could actually become journal spots instead of a card sentiment. There are so many opportunities to layer on little goodies like jewels, twine, washi, brads, stickers – you name it.



This beautiful tissue paper background technique comes from the Craft Barn blog. Although it has a distinctly Asian feel (it was featured as part of their Oriental week series), the stamps and colors could easily be adapted to whatever theme you’d like to scrapbook.

 Topics to Scrapbook


And finally, our topic prompts come from the Capture Your 365 website. If you’ve never checked it out, you really should. There is a whole community of people (some scrapbookers, some not) dedicated to taking a photo a day for the whole year. This is just a sampling of the prompts that are shared there. What I love about them is that they are so easy to interpret. This time of year is so hectic, and anything easy is very welcome!

So there you have it. Five bright, shiny new mojo prompts. I hope just seeing these inspires you to create something. And if you do, I’d love to see it! Stop on by the MKP Facebook group and show us what ya got! (We’ll show you some love – promise!)


Welcome to another week of Monday Mojo using July’s Mojo prompts.

Today’s project is from Cathy, and she is showcasing the sketch prompt – with a little bit of a twist. Take a look:

Here’ the original sketch,


The Sketch – 6 small photos aligned in 2 rows of 3

and here is Cathy’s take on it, with the photos and ephemera positioned slightly differently, setting the fun mood of the page. I love all the details she’s included with her embellishments and title work. This page is simply stunning!

Cathy 2013-03-19_123Plunge

. Cathy’s layout with a collage of photos and ephemera

And now it’s your turn. Give the sketch (or any of the prompts) a try, then come share it with us in the MKP Facebook Group. We’d love to gab about scrapbooking with you and show some love to your work!


Hello, and welcome to another month of Monday Mojo prompts and projects! I hope your Fourth was fun and safe, and that you were able to make tons of happy memories, and that this month’s prompts – gleaned from my Pinterest boards – will help inspire you to capture some of them on a project or two!

1. Color Scheme

Color Scheme

This gorgeous, rich toned color scheme is from the Color Palettes website. These bright, rich colors are perfect for summer-themed pages and cards.

2. SketchSketch

July’s sketch is from the Pink Paislee blog. Its multi-photo, wallet-size prints layout is perfect for displaying a series of fireworks photos with pizzazz.

3. Embellishment


This super-fun doily-with-pennant-banner embellishment idea comes from Creativeladle. The blog is written in German, but the photos clearly communicate what the projects are all about.

4. Technique


This month’s technique, all about embossing with inked wax, comes from the Silverscrapper’s Craft Space blog. There’s a complete tutorial, and it looks like a lot of fun, with loads of possibilities.

5. Topic Prompts


And, finally, our list of topic prompts comes from – of all places – the Fit Approach website. There are some really great page ideas here. Some are deep thinkers, and others are simple and lighthearted. Whatever you’re in the mood for, this list will have you covered.

So now that you’ve seen the prompts, it’s time to get creative! Make a page, a card, or whatever your heart desires. Then come on over to our Facebook group and share your work. We’d love to see and be inspired by you, so join in the discussion!

Welcome to the final week of June’s Monday Mojo inspiration! This week I am so proud and excited to introduce you to my friend and scrapbook designer, Cathy Sanders. Cathy will be adding her fresh perspective to the Mojo prompts each month, and I am thrilled to have her on board, and I know you’re going to love seeing her take on things! Here’s a little bit about her:


My name is Cathy Sanders and I hail from Roodepoort, Gauteng, South Africa.  I am married to Keith and we have one son, Aaron, who is 13 and a half. I was introduced to scrapbooking by my best friend in 2002 and haven’t looked back.  I love scrapping, and my happy place is playing with paper, ink, and glue every weekend in my scraproom. I have been on a few design teams in the past and these have helped me grow.  For the past year I have been attending technique classes with our local celebrity, Jowilna Nolte, and now I am learning to include more and more techniques into my layouts. I am enjoying the space I’m in at the moment with my scrapping and hope to only grow more and more in the years to come. You can read lots more about me and my scrapping on my blog

And here’s Cathy’s layout for June:

Cathy June Layout

She’s interpreted the sketch prompt with blues and browns, and I just love the way she’s artfully spritzed the background. Plus, she gets bonus points for using her own handwriting for the journaling!

Here’s another peek at that sketch prompt, in case you forgot:


Be sure to visit Cathy’s blog and leave her some love.  And while you’re there, be sure to look around – I know you’ll find tons of inspiration there as well.

Come back next week for ALL NEW Monday Mojo prompts.

Happy Scrapping!

Monday morning after one of “those” weekends. You know the kind that leave you more stressed out than relaxed? Yeah. One of those. In fact, it’s been a hectic few weeks, with some major health concerns with my husband happening, trying to get to the bottom of that while also dealing with my own low energy due to adrenal fatigue.

Finally, I’d had enough and decided what I really, really wanted to do was to create something pretty. So that’s exactly what I did! I had this Basic Grey card kit that I’d been hoarding for a while, and when I finally got to sit down to scrap, it just seemed to catch my eye.

“That’ll be easy!” I thought. Well, if you’ve ever assembled a Basic Grey kit of any kind, you know that simple they are not, but I had the best time cutting and scoring and folding and putting this paper together with that. I just got to lose myself in the creative process for a while, and it was amazingly therapeutic.

Sometimes mojo’s just hard to find. Even if you have a handful of kick-butt prompts to guide you. Sometimes life’s just hard. When it is, give yourself a break from all the stress and worry. Sit down and play with pretty papers. See if it doesn’t make you feel profoundly better. I bet it will.

 8 great Basic Grey cards – that just so happen to fit this month’s color scheme perfectly! Do you agree?

Color Scheme

How do you get going again after one of “those” weeks? I’d love to know – please leave a comment below.

Hey, howdy, hey, let’s bring on May! I don’t know about you, but the old saying “April showers bring May flowers” certainly rang true for my little corner of Louisiana this year. I can count on one hand the number of times we were able to take the kiddos out for recess. Makes for an interesting month! And now, all my irises are in bloom, and even some of my roses, and I have to say, I always feel inspired when things start growing and blooming around me. So let’s see if we can muster up some mojo to carry us through May, what’ya say? (Okay, I’m done with the corny rhymes – onto the prompts!)

Color Scheme

Color Scheme

I am in LOVE with this combination of colors, even though they’re not the pastel hues I usually think of for Spring. It was the photo of the raspberries that helped me make the final decision on the color scheme, and, as so many have before, this one comes to us from Design Seeds.



This easy, breezy sketch lends itself to lots of layers and cute embellishments. If you’re trying to use up some scraps, this would be an excellent starting off point. It’s from the Sketches in Thyme blog.



For some reason, when I spotted this embellishment idea, I could picture it, maybe a bit smaller, fitting right in with the sketch. You could make it any shape at all – circle, star, tag, butterfly, flower, and simply ink it up, stamp it, and voila! Easy custom embellishment. The idea is from Monica Zuniga’s blog.



So it seems we’re getting two techniques for the price of one this month (the embellishment idea also incorporates artsy ideas). I’m imagining using this technique to create a custom background for a layout or card. I love the way all the colors of the rainbow are represented here, but it would also be gorgeous just using the ones in the color scheme prompt. This technique is from the My scrappin’ life blog.


Topic Prompts

There’s something for everyone in this month’s topic list. From scrapping about self-awareness to what you love about your “mum,” you’ll find something to spark an idea for a page or journal entry. Maybe even a whole album! These prompts are from Break of Light.

So much fun and inspiration this month! I can’t wait to get into each of these prompts! What about you? I’d love to hear about your favorite(s). Leave a comment below or come join the conversation in our Facebook group.

See you next week!



Hello again, my scrappy friends, and happy May to you! Did you get to do a lot of scrapping on iNSD? Me? I was busy fielding orders for the iNSD Bundle (which I had a product in – more on that coming soon!). I did, however, hang out a bit on Facebook watching videos and challenges going on there. All in all, it was a good day, and now I’m totally inspired to create.

Speaking of which – let’s talk about May’s Scraps & Stash kit.

The Inspiration

Once again, I’m using the color scheme from this month’s upcoming Monday Mojo prompt for inspiration. I fell in love with the summery hues in this one, although there is that troubling bit of purple that may throw me for a loop.

Color Scheme

And here’s what I put together:

P1160760 P1160761 P1160762

A couple weeks ago, I went to a scrapbooking garage sale at my local scrapbook store, and I picked up a packet of Crate Paper goodies (say THAT 10 times fast!). The colors go really well with the color scheme, so I decided to go with it. There are several repeat papers, so I will have to get creative how I use the different sides – maybe do several double-pagers, maybe even alter some things with paints and inks. Should be interesting!

The Kit

The contents of the kit are as follows:

15 sheets of 12 x 12 patterned paper
1 sheet cut-apart cards
1 full 12 x 12 sheet of stickers
1 full 6 x 12 sheet of stickers
1 pack die-cut shapes
1 pack chipboard sticker shapes
2 everyday stamp sets
5 ink pads matching color scheme

The Projects

Hopefully I’m beginning to learn the art of restraint. This kit isn’t as huge as some recent ones, which may mean I can realistically use most of it up. My idea is to use some heritage and childhood photos with these supplies, because that’s just the mood they evoke for me. There may be 2 or 3 double page spreads, and maybe 1 or 2 single pages, depending on how I’m able to stretch the supplies.

How about you? Are there supplies in your stash that fit with this color scheme? Or do you have another in mind that could jump-start your own kit assembly session? I’d love to see what you’ve got. Stop by our Facebook group to share photos of your kit and projects, or just to say hello and chat with some friendly scrappers.

Till next time,

P.S. You can see the entire kit, piece by piece in this video:

Hello again, and Happy Monday! Another busy week lies ahead, but hopefully you will get some time to do something creative this week. If you do, may I suggest you try out this month’s technique, inspired by this FREE class at


I was so inspired after watching the videos in the class I couldn’t wait to open my gelatos – the ones I bought last summer – the ones that were still brand new in the packaging. Ahem. ANYWAY…

I only had four colors to work with, but that was certainly enough to get started.

First, I tried the stencil technique, I love the loo of this, and I really want to invest in some more templates, or create some of my own with my Silhouette. The one I got for Christmas. The one that’s still brand new in the packaging. Ahem.

Next, I couldn’t wait to try watercolor painting in a stamped image. I picked up this cool stamp set at a garage sale at my local scrapbook store this weekend, and I knew it would be perfect for this technique. I used my CTMH black ink to stamp it, so the lines did bleed a bit. I need to pick up some another black archival ink pad. I’ll be honest. I wasn’t entirely blown away by this one. I could just as easily have used my paints or markers or colored pencils and achieved a very similar look.

Next I tried the watercolor background technique. I do wish I’d used the red instead of the gray, but I can still use this on a card or journaling block for sure.

Next was the watercolor background. I like this as well, or maybe better, than the same technique with Distress Inks.

Next was the embossed resist technique. I really like this one, but I found that it worked best with a single color instead of several.

Finally, I tried a dry emboss technique. This has a fun, doodly look to it that I just love.

Overall, this was a really fun creative session. My projects are not perfect, but I kind of love that. The class instructor mentioned that the gelatos do eventually dry, but they feel to me like they could still smudge. I will probably spray Goosebumps texture spray onto the pieces where I applied the color directly to the paper and did not activate them with water. At any rate, I enjoyed learning about and exploring gelatos techniques so much that I will be picking this up very soon:


I’d love to see your creations with gelatos. Let’s talk techniques over in our Facebook group.


And if you’re here on the Make it Monday blog tour, your next stop will be Melissa’s blog, where she’s showing you how to create a Mother’s Day gift using your die-cutting machine.

Thanks for stopping by!