Your journaling can come from the heart, whatever purpose it serves - whether memory keeping or recording your emotions. Here's how.

Capture the Heart With Your Journaling

Here we are, ending up February, our month of love. Hard to believe two months of the new year have already passed by. So far, we’ve made – and hopefully kept – some scrappy resolutions, leveled up our lives, miraclized our mornings (totally a word – I know ’cause I just made it up!), envisioned our goals, loved on our family, friends, and coworkers, and taken a brief but painful hiatus for filing tax returns. Productive, we have been!

I’d like to keep the momentum going with our last “heartfelt” topic for February – capturing the heart of the story through journaling.

Just the Facts, Ma’am

If you’re like me, your scrapbook pages tend to suffer from the “Just the Facts” syndrome. You know what I mean – the whole “Who, What When, Where, Why, How” template. Example:

The Harris family went on vacation the summer of 2015 in Tennessee. We took a road trip and had a wonderful time enjoying the mountains we love so much.

Okay, there’s nothing inherently wrong with this bit of journaling, but when I go back to read it in ten years, I won’t have a sense of how it felt to be on vacation with my family. What we saw, ate, touched, smelled. Someday, I’ll want to relive those moments, and even though a picture paints a thousand words, I can add to them quite well with just a few well-chosen sentences or an entire beginning-middle-end story.


Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all our journaling could capture those specific moments in time that we want to hold onto forever? The truth is, it can! You don’t have to be a professional storyteller to use some of their tried and true techniques for communicating the heart of the story. Here are a few:

  • Close your eyes and play the memory like a movie in your mind. Then write down your impressions – what stands out? How did the sunshine feel on your face? Was it a cold winter day? Could you smell the smoke of a wood fire on the air? What were you feeling at the moment? Were you anticipating flying down the hill on your skis for the first time of the season?
  • Choose a strong opening. Borrow from books you love (I like to study children’s books for openings – they tend to be pared down and efficient).
    • Strong action – “My sunglasses sank to the bottom of the stingray pool. I looked at the attendant with despair.”
    • Important dialogue – “I’m starving! We need to grab some breakfast!” said Ethan. “I know just the place. My ‘sources’ say there’s a funnel cake stand right around the corner!” I replied.
    • Setting – “It was a cold November morning. The room was dimly lit, and I quietly pulled my chair alongside Mama’s hospital bed. Everyone else was sleeping, and I wanted to protect our time together.”
  • Move along the middle. Be sure you keep the action going. While you want to include enough details to jog your memory years from now, you don’t want to get too bogged down in them (Ever listen to a four-year-old relate a story? Avoid that)
  • End on a reflective note. Tie your story up so that the last sentence reminds you how the story began. “We had explored the entire Ripley’s Aquarium, and taken hundreds of photos, but somehow, my embarrassing moment would be the one we would remember always. Thankfully, it was not photographed.”

Not Every Story Has a Happy Ending

Sometimes your journaling is not for memory keeping purposes. Sometimes it is for processing feelings, reflecting on the past, and looking ahead to brighter days. That’s when a bullet journal can come in handy. You can create any kind of layout you want to record your thoughts and feelings, and no one ever has to see them. These can be some of the most heartfelt stories.

bullet journaling

My words, captured at this moment in my life.

journaling card in a bullet journal

Information about why the song is meaningful to me.

Journaling in a bullet journal with tip-ins

The whole spread.

Put Your Heart Into It

However you choose to journal – in a scrapbook to preserve memories or in a bullet journal to record your thoughts, feelings, and seasons in life, there are many ways to make it meaningful. I’d love to see how you put your heart into your journaling. Hop on over to the MKP Facebook group, and let’s chat!

3 Scrappy Resolutions

You may be thinking, “Oh gee. Another post about New Year’s Resolutions?” But bear with me. Today I’d like to share with you a few ideas for scrapbooking goals we can set for ourselves that will helps us make our hobby more efficient, economical, and downright fun. If you incorporate these three ideas into your scrappy habits, I believe you’ll become a memory-making machine, and best of all, you’ll be the happiest scrapbooker on the block. What are the three resolutions? Read on…


Scraps Stash
1. Go Stash-diving. We’ve all done it. We buy more supplies than we actually need, and before we know it, we have enough pretty paper, ribbons, and sundries to scrapbook well past the Zombie Apocolypse. What is it about shiny new things that makes them such a siren call to crafters? Well, how about this year, instead of setting a vague “I’d like to use more of my stash” resolution, we make it a more actionable goal? Let’s resolve to make 12 layouts (that’s one per month for anyone doing the math) completely out of supplies from our stash. That’s doable right? Sure it is. But just in case you need some ideas or inspiration for stash layouts, check out my series Scraps and Stash. There’s plenty there to keep you going strong all year long.


2. Join a Community. We love talking to others about our hobby. But I can be hard to find friends in our immediate circle who care as much about memory-keeping as we do. Solution? Find a community of like-minded crafters on the internet, and make some new, virtual friends. Even an introvert like me can enjoy connecting with people this way, sharing ideas, frustrations, and accomplishments. There are any number of amazing communities already going strong on FaceBook. A simple search for “scrapbooking” will turn up tons. But my favorite community by far is the ScrapGals group, founded by Tracie Claiborne and Tiffani Lowder. It’s a bustling, thriving, POSITIVE group of enthusiastic crafters, and they welcome newbies with open arms.


Zip Printer
3. Print Your Photos. This may seem to go without saying, but all too often, we inundate ourselves with everyday images, and they tend to languish on our memory cards or smart devices for far too long. Set a goal to download your photos once a week (how about every Sunday night?), and to print the best ones once per month or even once per quarter. This way, you’ll never lack for photos to scrap, and you won’t have to worry about losing your precious memories to a hardware crash. (Tip: Try Shutterfly. They offer great quality prints, and they often run sales or offer discount codes)

So, there you have it. Three simple ideas for resolutions for this new year. Notice how none of them had to do with page count or being “caught up?” I’d love to hear how you’re progressing. Whether you adopt these exact scrappy goals for yourself or come up with some of your own, come and talk about it in our FaceBook group, My Kreative Pursuits. I can’t wait to see how you make 2017 your year!

Keep going with the goal setting! Check out Setting Goals to Level Up Your Life

Welcome to another week of Monday Mojo using July’s Mojo prompts.

Today’s project is from Cathy, and she is showcasing the sketch prompt – with a little bit of a twist. Take a look:

Here’ the original sketch,


The Sketch – 6 small photos aligned in 2 rows of 3

and here is Cathy’s take on it, with the photos and ephemera positioned slightly differently, setting the fun mood of the page. I love all the details she’s included with her embellishments and title work. This page is simply stunning!

Cathy 2013-03-19_123Plunge

. Cathy’s layout with a collage of photos and ephemera

And now it’s your turn. Give the sketch (or any of the prompts) a try, then come share it with us in the MKP Facebook Group. We’d love to gab about scrapbooking with you and show some love to your work!


Welcome to the final week of June’s Monday Mojo inspiration! This week I am so proud and excited to introduce you to my friend and scrapbook designer, Cathy Sanders. Cathy will be adding her fresh perspective to the Mojo prompts each month, and I am thrilled to have her on board, and I know you’re going to love seeing her take on things! Here’s a little bit about her:


My name is Cathy Sanders and I hail from Roodepoort, Gauteng, South Africa.  I am married to Keith and we have one son, Aaron, who is 13 and a half. I was introduced to scrapbooking by my best friend in 2002 and haven’t looked back.  I love scrapping, and my happy place is playing with paper, ink, and glue every weekend in my scraproom. I have been on a few design teams in the past and these have helped me grow.  For the past year I have been attending technique classes with our local celebrity, Jowilna Nolte, and now I am learning to include more and more techniques into my layouts. I am enjoying the space I’m in at the moment with my scrapping and hope to only grow more and more in the years to come. You can read lots more about me and my scrapping on my blog

And here’s Cathy’s layout for June:

Cathy June Layout

She’s interpreted the sketch prompt with blues and browns, and I just love the way she’s artfully spritzed the background. Plus, she gets bonus points for using her own handwriting for the journaling!

Here’s another peek at that sketch prompt, in case you forgot:


Be sure to visit Cathy’s blog and leave her some love.  And while you’re there, be sure to look around – I know you’ll find tons of inspiration there as well.

Come back next week for ALL NEW Monday Mojo prompts.

Happy Scrapping!

Hey, howdy, hey, let’s bring on May! I don’t know about you, but the old saying “April showers bring May flowers” certainly rang true for my little corner of Louisiana this year. I can count on one hand the number of times we were able to take the kiddos out for recess. Makes for an interesting month! And now, all my irises are in bloom, and even some of my roses, and I have to say, I always feel inspired when things start growing and blooming around me. So let’s see if we can muster up some mojo to carry us through May, what’ya say? (Okay, I’m done with the corny rhymes – onto the prompts!)

Color Scheme

Color Scheme

I am in LOVE with this combination of colors, even though they’re not the pastel hues I usually think of for Spring. It was the photo of the raspberries that helped me make the final decision on the color scheme, and, as so many have before, this one comes to us from Design Seeds.



This easy, breezy sketch lends itself to lots of layers and cute embellishments. If you’re trying to use up some scraps, this would be an excellent starting off point. It’s from the Sketches in Thyme blog.



For some reason, when I spotted this embellishment idea, I could picture it, maybe a bit smaller, fitting right in with the sketch. You could make it any shape at all – circle, star, tag, butterfly, flower, and simply ink it up, stamp it, and voila! Easy custom embellishment. The idea is from Monica Zuniga’s blog.



So it seems we’re getting two techniques for the price of one this month (the embellishment idea also incorporates artsy ideas). I’m imagining using this technique to create a custom background for a layout or card. I love the way all the colors of the rainbow are represented here, but it would also be gorgeous just using the ones in the color scheme prompt. This technique is from the My scrappin’ life blog.


Topic Prompts

There’s something for everyone in this month’s topic list. From scrapping about self-awareness to what you love about your “mum,” you’ll find something to spark an idea for a page or journal entry. Maybe even a whole album! These prompts are from Break of Light.

So much fun and inspiration this month! I can’t wait to get into each of these prompts! What about you? I’d love to hear about your favorite(s). Leave a comment below or come join the conversation in our Facebook group.

See you next week!


Hello again! Welcome to another week of Scraps & Stash Saturday!

This week was a less productive one for me, but I did manage to put together a page based on this sketch from the Scrap Much? blog:

4 April 10 2015 - ScrapMuch

I stuck pretty closely to the sketch as it was. The “stitched” circle was created using my Sew Easy circle tool with the single stitch head. I used a white gel pen to create the faux stitching. I realized that I like this look better than actual stitching because it’s much more subtle. I do wish I’d done some misting before I layered on the papers – I think that would have livened up the kraft background considerably. I also used one of the embellishments I made for this week’s Monday Mojo, and I love the way it works with the colors of the page so well, and it gave me a place to add a little bit of journaling.

I have to tell you – I took quite a bit of flack from my scrapping buddies about making a Halloween page without at least one pumpkin, so the little orange jewel is a nod to that. LOL

I did have quite a few questions last week about how I pack for a weekend crop, so I thought I’d show you that here.

This is all I take with me for a crop. Sometimes I take my Cricut, and depending on what I’m working on, I may take a second tote of photos albums, but what you see in this photo is the basis of what I pack. I’ve got my large-ish rolling tote, a 31 bag that holds 2-3 three-up photo albums, another 31 tote with my Thickers and other alpha stickers, and my basic tool bag.

Here’s the inside of the photo album tote:

The inside alpha sticker tote (messy!):

A peek inside my tool tote – trimmer, scissors, ATG gun, plastic grid ruler (a MUST-have for aligning letter stickers), pens, etc.:

And a look inside the rolling tote, where I keep my stash kits organized in 2-gallon Ziploc bags. I also put my Scrap N Easel in here:

So there you have it. Nothing fancy at all. I don’t believe in lugging everything I own, and on the rare occasion that I don’t have something I need in one of my kits, I just use a sticky note to write down what’s missing, then add it when I get home. I’m so much more productive now than I used to be, and I like my pages a lot better too. To read about the entire process I use to pack for a crop (as well as some awesome tips from some of the smartest scrapbooking designers I know), visit Scrapbook Bundles, where you can download a copy of our free guide “Scrap Smart: Designer Tips to Scrapbook More.” Have a happy Saturday!


Well, here it is, the end of March. Wait, what?! Already? Man, time flies when you’re having fun!

Here’s a quick wrap-up of the Monday Mojo projects from this month:

1. Embellishment

Friends Embellishment

Based on this Pinterest prompt:


2. Sketch


Based on this sketch prompt:


Those were fun! I just wish I’d gotten to play with the technique and journal prompts. Ah, well, there’s always next month! Be sure to tune in next Monday for all new prompts.



Hello, and happy Monday to you! Thanks for joining me for an all new Monday Mojo post to kick-start the week’s creativity.

This week’s project is inspired by the sketch prompt, and let me just ask – why don’t I start every page with a sketch? When I do, things seem to come together oh so much easier and more quickly. Hmm..something to think about. At any rate, here’s the sketch:


And here’s my layout inspired by the sketch. I followed it very closely, but kept the embellishments to a minimum. Just a few little camera icons sprinkled around, the washi tape border, and the ribbon across the photo mat. Simple, but I love it.


How about you? Do you have any recent layouts that started with a sketch? I’d love to see! Link them up in the comments.

And, if you’re joining me today from the Make it Monday blog tour, your next stop is Connie’s blog, where she’s showing you how to make adorable cupcake toppers for a birthday party. Check it out!

Till next time,

February 28

Wow – February really is a short month, huh? Seems like just last week I was choosing items for this month’s Scraps & Stash kit, and now here it is already the last Saturday of the month.

I honestly haven’t gotten as much done with this kit as I would have liked to, but what I have made, I’m totally in love with. Maybe that’s because I love to scrapbook about our travels, y’think?

So here’s a recap of what I’ve accomplished so far with my February kit:

1. Jackson Hole, Wyoming

This layout incorporated two challenges – one from the Stuck?! Sketches blog, and the other from the Counterfeit Kit Challenge blog. I used the February 1 sketch from Stuck?! and Challenge #1 from CKC. Love, love, love how this one turned out, although that stitching with the baker’s twine took me seriously 🙂

Jackson Hole

2. Prismatic Pools

This layout was created to showcase a technique I blogged about on the Scrap Your Scraps blog (and also here, for yesterday’s DIY Friday post). I pulled in a few extra elements – the kraft cardstock, the printed doily, and the stitched banner.  P1160595

3. You’re Neat Card

This is another project created for the Scrap Your Scraps/DIY Friday technique. I just love the blues and browns together on both these projects.P1160598

4. Mountain People double page spread

This is the most recent layout – I actually put it together this morning. I had lots of waterfall photos from our Yellowstone excursions, and I wanted to put them together on one spread. Again, there were mostly blues and browns working together, so I decided to put in a little pop of red to mix things up. Mountain People

And, as you can imagine, I still have lots of kit left. I actually want to get back into my scrap studio later tonight and some tomorrow to see how much more of a dent I can put in it. If I get to, I’ll be sure to add any new projects to this post, as well as the kit leftovers once I’m done with it for good.

See you next week, when we’ll be looking at an ALL NEW Scraps & Stash kit for March! In the meantime, I’d love to see your projects as well. Be sure to visit our Facebook group and share your photos there.


This month, my Scraps & Stash kit is inspired by the Counterfeit Kit Challenge blog, and I’m thrilled to be participating in their February blog hop. See, not only do they provide you with inspiration for stash kitting and tutorials for “counterfeiting” elements you don’t have, they ALSO invite members to participate in a monthly hop showing off their take on one of the month’s challenges. What a great site, right?

I chose to try Challenge #1, which was to use something clear or sheer on a project. This was a perfect excuse to use one of the Basic Grey Hello die-cut pieces. On this layout (which is based on Stuck?! Sketches‘ February 1 sketch), I used the View Master wheel in place of a doily. Perfect for this travel-themed page, if I do say so.

Jackson Hole

P1160503 P1160504 P1160505

I’m loving this kit, and loving the challenges over at CKC.

Thanks for stopping by today. If you’re new to my blog, be sure to check out my free guide “10 Easy Steps to a Killer Stash Kit,” and sign up to join my email list.

To continue the hop, click on over to Lynette’s blog. The full blog hop list will be published on the Counterfeit Kit Challenge Blog, so if you get lost along the way, head over there to find your way back onto the hop.

Don’t forget to leave me a comment to let me know you were here, and happy hopping!