I stumbled across the Inspired Blueprints website through a post I saw on Facebook. I love sketches, and lately I find myself making more and more one-page layouts, so the style of the sketches was just what I was looking for.

In one afternoon, I created these two layouts, which I LOVE:

P1140146 P1140149

Look for more IB layouts coming from me soon. Meanwhile, go check them out yourself! They have a gallery, and they even offer opportunities to win prizes. I’d love to see your takes on the sketches, too, so feel free to link me up in the comments.



Do you love the look of those adorable little enamel dots, but don’t have any in your stash? I can’t remember exactly what got me started on this quest, but at some point recently, I started looking for ways to create my own enamel dots. I found an interesting tutorial on YouTube that used floral beads, and it seemed like an inexpensive way to create (and recreate, as needed) tons of these little gems. I couldn’t find the beads, though, so I started doing some brainstorming of my own. Here’s my first attempt:
I started with copy transparencies I already had on hand (I use these to store my unmounted rubber stamps on). I rounded up a couple of nail polish colors from my bathroom cabinet, and picked up a few more from Dollar Tree and Walmart. I also gathered up all my small circle punches.
 Next, I painted a coat of each of the colors I wanted to use onto the transparency, then let it sit to dry for about 10 minutes.

 I cut out my strips in preparation to punch them. I liked the look of one coat, but to get more even coverage, I decided to go ahead and do a second coat.

 You can see here that the strips of color do have some transparency to them, though I wasn’t sure how that would translate on the actual scrapbook page.
Time to punch! I had this little “craft punch” that makes circles about 3/8 of an inch. It’s not a very sturdy punch, and eventually got so it didn’t stand up very well to the acetate. It began to hang up, so I had to abandon that, even though I liked the size.

 Next, I tried my Crop-a-dile. This little workhorse punched right through the plastic like a hot knife through butter, but I quickly saw that the little circles tended to fly all over the place!

 I tried punching with the Crop-a-dile facing so that the punchies could fall directly into the little plastic cup I was collecting them in. Eventually, I started holding my left hand over the top and then ejecting the punchies, but that left me with no hands to take pictures! 😉
Finally, I tried my old-fashioned hole-punch.

 I found that it didn’t completely punch the circle,so went back to the Crop-a-dile to finish out the job.
So, in the end I had a cup full of – you’ve probably already guessed this – candy-colored confetti. That’s right, my creations look more like confetti than the coveted enamel dots. And they did not have an adhesive backing, which meant I would need to use some sort of liquid glue to attach them. Still, I had to see how they would look on a layout.
Just so happened, I had one that needed a little extra “something,” so I gave it a go, and this is what I came up with:

I have to say, while I like the end result (I may play with adding a few more), but this was not the look I was ultimately going for. I still have another idea or two I may try. And I think I’ll use the rest of my confetti on some card creations!
Would love to see your examples of DIY enamel dots! Please feel free to link me up in the comments!

Okay, so I’m not the most faithful blogger (something I am working on!), but I do love to return to my favorites over and over. I’ve had a love affair going on with Google Reader for quite some time, but, alas, they announced earlier this year that they will be discontinuing their reader service effective July 1.

So after a mourning period, I began searching for an alternative way to collect and keep my favorites all in one place. I tried a couple, only to find that they were linked to Google Reader, and would not work once it disappeared. So back to Square One. Then the other day, I happened across one of my NEW favorite blogs, Scrap Our Stash, and noticed that there on the right was a little link saying “Follow my blog with Bloglovin.” Curious, I clicked through, and found (to my delight) a NEW way to follow all my blogs WITHOUT having to rebuild my list again from scratch or import each one, one at a time. Yes, Bloglovin even does the heavy lifting of importation for you! Hallelujah!

So, if you love your blogs like I do, consider setting up an account with Bloglovin. It’s free, easy, and fun! (Oh, and if you’re migrating over from Reader and need help figuring out how, just leave me a comment or shoot me an email – I’d be glad to help you out!)

Lisa Harris

P.S. Notice I now I have MY OWN little button that says “Follow my blog with Bloglovin!” Go ahead, click. It won’t hurt a bit! 🙂

At long last I got the chance to scrap with two of my good friends, and we had a blast catching up and creating pages. While I wasn’t a productive as the gal who got 10 pages done that day, I did get down a story I’ve been wanting to tell, and I am super happy with that. Here are my pages:

My Best Friend the Novelist: *Inspired by June PageMaps Fancy Pants Hopscotch papers, Amy Tangerine Delights paper flowers, washi tape from Michael’s, American Crafts Thickers

Setting is Everything: Fancy Pants Hopscotch papers and alphas, Amy Tangerine Delights paper flower, Bitty Bag from Endless Inkabilities (Etsy store), Lily Bee Bag of Bits diecuts, American Crafts Thickers, bits and pieces from past MemoryWorks Express kits

In other news, while I’ve got a little free time (yay summer!), I’ve decided to collect all my “kreations” into one spot. So if you’re ever of a mind, you can stop by my new Flickr photostream and see for yourself how my scrapbooking and cardmaking has evolved over time. It is in fact, still in progress, as the site won’t let you upload more than 200 photos at a time – yikes!  I’ll be back later in the week to showcase a few of my personal faves. And if you’re on Flickr, I’d love to see your photos – leave me a comment or drop me an email at kwitekreative@aol.com.

Till next time!

My precious pups somehow got hold of my camera a while back and one them chewed off one of the little plastic bits that holds the strap on. On a recent shopping trip to Hobby Lobby I found silver conchos and realized they would do the job. I had already ordered a strap cover from my thirty-one consultant so when it came in I couldn’t wait to pretty it up. Now if I could just find that lens cover…

***This is a repost of my guest post on the MemoryWorks blog*** (yep, cheating again! LOL)

Hello all! Back again to take you on a little tour of my creative space. Funny thing – I should be posting pictures of my over-full rolling totes, because these days, it seems the only time I get things done is at a crop. But, I am blessed to have my own scrappy space (and WAY too much stuff to organize in it) so I’ll show you that instead. 😉

My room is about 10 x 12, so I use it as an office, small crop store, and scrap studio. I’ve got the majority of my scrappy items together in an L-shaped configuration with my desk and mesh cubes from Target.

The desk is made from a hollow core door that I spray painted black and 2 Wal-Mart bookshelves that my hubby and I “hacked” to make the whole thing desk-height. I love the large work surface! On top is a plastic mat from Ikea that I use to protect the desktop. All my heavily-used tools are at arm’s length. My tool tote is on a lazy susan, because, although my name’s not Susan, well… On the bookshelves underneath I have all my Etsy supplies and a few lesser-used tools. There’s also an Iris cart that holds all my Cricut supplies, a 12 x 12 drawer unit, and my “basket of shame” – a picnic basket that holds my obscene amount of scraps.

The mesh cubes hold all my papers, cardstock, page protectors, embellishments, ribbons, paints, templates, and project files.

This wire rack sits on top of my desk against the wall. I don’t love it – it looks too cluttery. I’ll probably build my mesh cubes up another level to hold the stuff from the shelf and install some Bygel rails on the wall where it is now.

I love this bookcase from Ikea. It holds all my idea books and magazines, plus some special mementos.

This little bookshelf holds lots of stamps and inks. I’m obsessed with stamps. I remember telling my CTMH representative many years ago that I wasn’t going to get into stamps. Now I have more than I can use. I’ll be writing a blog post about this very soon, so check it out.

Love my pinboard. It hangs right over my desk. I like to change out quotes and sayings that motivate me. I’ve had this one up for a while.

My Distress Ink storage. This is a jewelry holder I bought at Michael’s. I need more inks!

More stamp storage. These are the stamps I’ve deemed as “scrapbooking stamps,” so I keep them on my desk in hopes that I’ll remember to use them.

So that’s my little scrappy corner of the world. Thanks for stopping by today! You can visit me anytime at http://mykreativepursuits.blogspot.com or soon at www.scrapbookcurriculum.com.

This doesn’t technically qualify as new content, but I was playing around with Wordle for a class assignment today, and thought I’d see what it came up with when I typed in my blog address. Pretty cool, if you ask me.

So,yeah. It’s been a while since I’ve posted here. I have these visions of posting great stuff at least once a week, then life gets in the way and a month and a half goes by before I find myself here again. Last month I was a guest poster on the MemoryWorks blog, so that’s where all my new content ended up. This month? Well, let’s just say that taking a technology class AND a reading comprehension class is about to do me in. But this too shall pass, and soon I will be free to happily post away again. Famous last words and all. 🙂

Wow, it’s been a long time since I last took a spin around the old blog-a-rooni. I’ve been guest posting over on the MemoryWorks blog all month, hence the silence on my own. Oh, I realize some people manage to do both (guest blog and…what…home blog?), but those people aren’t living my crazy life. Teaching full-time, taking grad classes, running a business, and teaching scrapbooking classes really doesn’t leave me a whole lot of time to write. Don’t get me wrong – I love it! I wouldn’t know any other way to be – it just sometimes means that some things don’t get done to my best potential.

But, I didn’t come on today to jabber on about myself. I want to post about a new program I’ve found and love. A few weeks ago, I, like a lot of members of Blogland, was shocked and saddened to learn that Google will be pulling the plug on my beloved Google Reader, effective July 1. After working through the seven stages of grief, I began to look for alternatives. You see – I LOVE my blog reader. No, I mean, it’s second only to coffee, and if you know anything about my coffee obsession, you know that’s saying a lot! So I had to have a replacement. There are a LOT of blogs in my feed (yours might be there – if so, hi!), so I needed an easy way to transfer over what I had, with capability to add to and take away as needed. I read this article, and with much skepticism (and an unsuccessful try at Bloglines), decided to download FeedDemon.

January was a fun month for me, scrappy supplies-wise. I hosted a catalog party for my friend Dee. See, originally, I only wanted something to carry my Big Kick in. I do love to have it with me when I go places to crop.

Then Dee told me about the Sale-a-bration, so I decided to see what was what, and how much free stuff I could earn. Let me tell you, I was NOT disappointed! My friends and I placed an order over $250 (pretty good for short notice, and being right after the holidays), so I got 4 free Sale-a-bration items PLUS the bonus glitter paper they give to all hostesses this month in celebration of their 25th anniversary. So of the items you see in this picture, I only actually ordered the Big Kick Dr. bag (which I LOVE!), the doily stamp set, and the basic label stamp. That’s it. The rest I either got from Sale-a-bration items or free hostess goodies. And I’ve already started to play. Woohoo!

Stampin Up! goodies

The other order I received this month is for 3 collection kits I’m considering using in some upcoming classes, either local, online, or at the community college.  I got Basic Grey Clippings, Echo Park Hello, Spring, and Crate Paper On Trend. I just think these collections are super-versatile and will make some gorgeous layouts.

Collection kits for classes

What scrappy playthings have you received lately?