So if you’ve spent any time around here in the last several weeks, you probably already know that I spent the month of May participating in the Layout A Day challenge over at layoutaday.com. It was the first time I’d challenged myself to complete a layout a day for any length of time, and the experience left me with a few takeaways. Read on to find out why I LOVED taking this challenge.

  1. I realized my childhood was actually quite amazing. The theme of May’s Layout a Day was Past Perfect 2, and I chose to use the daily prompts to tell some stories from my own childhood. I had several reasons for approaching it this way, the chief one being that someday I won’t be around to tell those stories, and I want to leave behind some pieces of myself for my loved ones to remember me by. So I would spend several minutes each day flipping through my shoebox collection of childhood photos, and what I found there brought me so much joy. I feel so blessed to have such a relatively large collection of pictures from different times in my childhood. Seeing how I was photographed really helped me reframe some of my negative memories from that time period. I can see that I really was cherished and loved. And you know what? I came to have a new appreciation for the little girl I was, too. LOAD12
  2. Story/topic prompts are the bomb dot com! I think this is the real magic of the LOAD challenge. Each morning (and some nights when I was up till 11:00) I would open the prompt email, watch the video, and begin to chew on the topic for the day. In doing this, I was able to tell some stories I never would have thought of on my own. For example, it would never have occurred to me to make a page about advertisements from my growing up years, but this was the first prompt in the series, and it put me in a frame of mind to be open to new perspectives. Mad Men - 1
  3. Done is better than perfect. It was very important to me to stay on track and make one page per day, every single day. This meant that I wouldn’t have hours to agonize over perfect placement of things, fuss over embellishments, or leave a page and come back to it the next day. No. I needed to get in there, make the page, and be ready for the next prompt. So some of my pages are not up to my usual design standard. And that is OKAY. I love every single layout because each one is another memory documented. LOAD 6

These are just a few of the reasons I am now a LOAD believer. While I’m enjoying a break from the intensity of creating a project a day, I will be there with bells on the next time the LOAD challenge begins. How about you? What has been your most rewarding scrapbook challenge experience?

4 Thoughts on “Lessons Learned from LOAD 514

  1. And you did all the prompts? Congrats! It looked like an amazing experience. Especially love your “dreamer” layout and its soft feeling.

  2. Yes, yes and yes!!! so glad you are a LOAD believer! I’ll see you in October will my own bells on 😉

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