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I’ve spent a lot of time lately reading about goal-setting and achieving, and frankly, found a lot of it to be overwhelming and a little boring (let’s be real, right?). But one thing that I kept seeing popping up all over the place (Facebook groups, Pinterest, etc.) was something called “Level 10 Life.” Well, I’m not usually one to jump on trendy bandwagons, but finally I thought, “I really want to do this goal-setting thing. I ought to at least check it out.” A Google search for “Level 10 Life” returned this AMAZING post by Kara Benz from Boho Berry (of whom I am a huge fan), and immediately I was in.

The first thing I did was find a printable for the assessment wheel. Sure, sure, I could’ve drawn it myself in my bullet journal, but I’m a little bit of a perfectionist, and I’m also impatient. I found the printable here.

I also followed Kara’s example and picked little “mission statements” for each of the 10 major life areas and added them to the spread.

Admittedly, setting 10 goals for each area was a little intimidating for me, so I decided to pick 5 instead, for a total of 50 goals to work on. That’s almost one per week! How about that?

In the end, I’ve got a set of achievable goals to work toward all year long. I’ll track my progress in my bullet journal and make adjustments as needed. I’ll check in once a quarter and update my assessment wheel. I can’t wait to see how it all plays out!

I invite you to create your own Level 10 Life spread. Whether you work in a bullet journal, planner, or scrapbook, you can use this method for choosing realistic goals for yourself. And as always, I’d love to see! Come on over to the Kreative Facebook group and share your stuff!

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