Have you ever found yourself in a total scrapbooking rut? Thought about maybe giving up on this hobby that you love and trading ‘er in for some BINGO daubers and a membership at the American Legion Hall? That’s what happened to me not so very long ago.

I started off 2015 strong, doing layout after layout in my own personal Scraps and Stash challenge. During that time I put a serious dent into my stash. And, as it turned out, into my motivation, too. I simply burned out. Kaput. Zip. Zilch. Nada. And so I took a long break. Toyed with the idea of boxing it all up and donating it to the nursing home, dusting my hands off, and moving on.

But there’s just something about the smell of shiny new patterned paper. And the way paints and stains can tint your fingers the most gorgeous of shades. So I resisted the urge, and I decided just to play. Play with all those pretty papers. Play with all those inks, stains, and paints. And you know what? I started having the time of my life. And I opened my mind to other kinds of creating. Like planning. And Bible journaling. And listing. Ah, yes, listing.

Perhaps you’ve heard of it. Challenges like “30 Days of Lists.” Classes about using lists as journaling in our scrapbooks. But my favorite of all is the totally FREE, totally FAB Listers Gotta List Challenge hosted by Cori “The Reset Girl.” I’m a newcomer to all this, but there is so much about Cori that resonates with me, and I adore the way she organizes the challenges. They’re fun and inspiring and, best of all, SIMPLE. Want to do a few lists from the whole month’s prompts? Fine. Want to jump on a month and sit out the next? Fine. You can make listing whatever you want it to be for you. And best of all, there’s a supportive, caring community just waiting to welcome you however you choose to participate.

So how am I incorporating listing into my memory keeping process? It’s really not much of a leap at all. I’m using all the same products from my stash. In fact, I’ve gotten to use some things already that might never have found their way onto a scrapbook page. My lists are contained in this funky, eclectic ledger-style notebook I made myself, and at the end of the month, I can envision disassembling it and sticking some of the list pages down with appropriate photos to create actual layouts that tell a cohesive story.


Wish I knew how to rotate iPhone photos for my blog!

Wish I knew how to rotate iPhone photos for my blog!

Isn’t that fun?  Check out my process video to see how the notebook cover came together:

And here’s just a handful of the lists I’ve done for January:

IMG_2835 IMG_2836 IMG_2855 IMG_2859 - Copy IMG_2863 IMG_2866 IMG_2871 IMG_2877 IMG_2883 IMG_2889

Not all the lists are so “me-centric.” I joined at the first of January, when the central theme was goal setting, personal reflection, and the like. But you can look back at previous months’ lists on Cori’s website and see that there is a variety of topics to choose from. As for these, I can envision them being used on pages or as inserts between pages in an “About Me” album or mini. And the journaling will have been done already, in an easy, fun, and painless way.

So, hopefully I’ve convinced you to give list challenges a try. It’s super easy to get started. Just visit the Listers Gotta List website and sign up to receive the monthly list email. Then decide how you’ll keep your lists – in a notebook similar to mine, on a set of notecards, on Project Life cards, or whatever floats your boat. Then when the prompts come in, start listing. And I’d absolutely love it if you’d share your lists in the Listers Facebook page or on Instagram with the hashtag #listersgottalist. You can follow me there @KwiteKreative.

Now I’ll send you along to my creative friend Alice’s Make it Monday post. Today Alice is pondering the question “Do your kids have YOUR bad habits?” Uh-oh. Sounds intriguing! Check it out at Scrapbook Wonderland.

See you soon!

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