This week I simply ran out of time to study and take some new photos. (I’ve been working on a new project that you’ll be hearing about very soon. Hint: I ho-ho-hope you’ll be as excited about it as I am! 🙂

But I still have photos I’d like to share, so I went into the archives and dug out some of my favorite landscapes taken by yours truly, proving that a person who takes volumes of photos, odds are there are sure to be a FEW lucky shots that turn out amazing regardless of the photographer’s skill – or lack thereof. In fact, I love these photos so much I actually printed them and hung them on my living room wall.

In no particular order:

1. Cinderella Castle


The best Cinderella Castle shot EVER (ignore the ugly date stamp)

We were walking from one attraction to another following a little footpath, and I happened to notice that the flower hedge completely blocked the throngs of people that are literally ALWAYS surrounding the castle. Although they take up almost half the scene, I love the way the flowers and the tree frame the castle.


2. Tranquil Toledo Bend

Sunset on Toledo Bend

Sunset on Toledo Bend

I had a rare moment to myself during our visit to Toledo Bend, and I managed to capture the moment just before the sun set behind the treeline on the far shore.

3. The Gulf of Mexico


Nothing but clouds and ocean as far as the eye can see

I took this shot off the side of the ship during our cruise to Mexico. It’s hard to describe the sense of smallness that you feel in the midst of the ocean, with nothing but clouds to see, but I almost captured it here.

I hope to continue studying my newly procured photography lessons and experimenting this week. I got a new smartphone, so I’m eager to see what it can do. Plus, I’ll be spending a few days in New Orleans, and there is no shortage of beautiful things to photograph there.

What about you? What’s the most recent snapshot you took? Leave a comment below, and if you like, a link to your photograph. I’d love to see!


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