In keeping with the love theme for February, I thought we could talk about some other special kinds of non-romantic love.  Valentine’s is on its way, and these groups often get overlooked. What if we celebrated them instead?

Friendly Love

Whether you have a tiny circle or a huge squad, your friends can become a significant part of your life, and they deserve to know how much you appreciate them. They’re with us through the rough times, and they make the good times more fun. Some say that we are the sum of the five people we spend the most time with, so it stands to reason that we have a lot in common with our best friends, and that’s why we love them so much.


Another group of people we spend lots of time with is our coworkers. Even in the most professional environments, it’s hard not to get to know the people with whom we work on a personal level. In some cases, these people quickly become part of our circle of confidants, and before you know it, they are as important to us as any friend.

Show Them Some Love

Since Valentine’s is next week, I wanted to share with you some quick, easy, fun projects that let each of these people know how much you care. They’re inexpensive and easy to assemble, so you can spread the love to everyone.

All That and Bag of Chips

Just pick up a variety pack of chips and attach this sassy tag with a length of baker’s twine or curling ribbon. There’s plenty of room on the back to write a personal message, should the situation call for it. It makes a great gift for guys and girls alike.

You’re the BALM

This one is perfect for female coworkers. Who can’t use an extra lip balm this time of year? Pick up an EOS style – preferably pink or red – and tape this adorable message on. She’ll love it!

Like You A Latte

For your coffee-loving friends and coworkers, this is a perfect little pick-me up. Grab a box of Starbucks Via instant Latte packets and attach this message to the front.

I Need S’more Coworkers Like You

Last but not least, another great gift for the guys or girls around the office. You can attach the tag to any type of s’mores related gift – I opted for a bag of cookies because it requires literally no prep. But you could put together a real s’mores kit with graham crackers, milk chocolate, and marshmallows, attach the tag, and voila! Easy Valentine.

But, how?

“That’s all well and good, Lisa,” you may be saying, “and your teddy bear model is adorable, but how am I supposed to pull all this together in just a few days?”

Easy – I’ve created this freebie, just for YOU. Just download, print as many copies as  you need, and start spreading the love. Want more options? Visit my Etsy shop listings at Kreative Paperie. You may just find a treat or two there for yourself.

Enjoy, and Happy Valentine’s Day!

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