In several of the Facebook groups I follow, there has been talk all month long about creating vision boards. Many members created digital ones, or Pinterest boards dedicated to their goals, and some creative types even went so far as to have coffee mugs created using their vision board graphics, as a daily reminder of all they’d like to achieve. One of my coworkers even caught the vision board fever, and I’m afraid it was contagious. I found myself getting more and more excited about creating just such a project. But I didn’t want to just topple down the rabbit hole blindly. In true Lisa fashion, I needed to research first. Here’s what I turned up.

Why Vision Boards?

I snooped around the old interwebs a bit and found that, as with many things, there are conflicting ideas about using vision boards to help with setting and achieving goals. Huffington Post featured an entire article listing all the reasons vision boards work. On the other hand, Psychology Today debunked the practice of using vision boards as detrimental to some people’s psyches, saying, very wisely, I believe, that visualizing yourself WORKING toward your goal has a much greater impact on success than simply visualizing the accomplishment of that goal. My belief? Somewhere in the middle. I think it is valuable and important to visualize what success looks like for ourselves. At the same time, I do not deny that it takes hard work to achieve that success. Bottom line, putting it all together on a vision board can’t hurt.

The Process

With that clarity of mind, I set about deciding just what should go onto my vision board and what format it would take. Fortunately, I spent a considerable amount of time early in January to hone in on goals for each area of my life (you can read about it here: Level Up Your Life). Now many people suggest you search magazines and newspapers for images and words to fit your personal vision board. I don’t subscribe to print media, and frankly, I wanted to create my board quickly, so I took to the interwebs again, searching keywords that fit my goals.

Vision board image search

Keyword search for “friends and family”

Whenever I found something that spoke to me, I did a quick copy and paste into PowerPoint to create my collection.

Vision board images in PowerPoint

I even found a beautiful photo of my home church!

Vision Board in a Bullet Journal

Finally, I returned to my trusty bullet journal to create my actual vision board. First of all, it’s got all my goal-setting stuff in it already – my Level 10 Life tracking and my Miracle Morning spreads and trackers. So it seemed fitting to put the vision board together in it too. Also, I work in my bullet journal every day, and the whole point of using a vision board is to keep your goals fresh in your mind on a daily basis. So, score another one for the bujo.

I knew all the images I chose wouldn’t fit onto a normal 2-page spread, so I cut two pages out of the back of my Moleskine and created a gatefold by “tipping them in” (bullet journal terminology for attaching extras cards, pages, etc. with washi tape).

With a double-wide surface, I had plenty of room to cut, paste, write, and doodle.

I chose to leave some space for adding in other images, words, and doodles. Goals change over time, and I like having the flexibility with this layout to change along with them.

Finally, I used the outside of the gatefold to practice a little hand lettering for a title. Yeah, my lettering skillz have a long way to go. Maybe I should include THAT on my vision board, huh?




C’est finis

When all is said and done, I’m glad I took the time to make a vision board. I will be incorporating it into my Miracle Morning practice, reviewing it for one minute every morning. Do I think it has a magical capacity to bring wonderfulness into my life? Of course not. Only God can do that. Do I believe it will motivate me to work hard to achieve each of these goals I’ve set for myself? Here’s hoping.

What about you? Have you created a vision board? Think you might try one on for size? I’d love to hear about it. Comment below or come join the conversation in the MKP Facebook group.

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